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About ecolist.io

Hi thereπŸ‘‹, nice to meet you.πŸ™‚





We are Christian and Julian, the creators of ecolist.io.

πŸ’‘The idea of ecolist was born out of discussions about sustainable products and how it’s really hard to find eco-friendly alternatives to common products, although they exist in many cases.

πŸ’»We both wanted to create something in our spare time, that allows us to try new technologies, apply some lean-startup methods and learn something new.

🌱So we created ecolist.io as a tool to help people discover eco-friendly alternatives.

πŸš€We also used ecolist.io as our idea forStartup School 2019 by Y Combinatorand enjoyed working with other creators, giving feedback, receiving feedback and learning a lot about the ideas and methods used for successful startups.

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Startup School Graduate 2019

So why use ecolist.io?

Free to use

Our service is free and we earn money by using affiliate links, no additional costs for you! No ads!

Best products

Our list of eco-friendly alternatives is generated by our users based on real recommendations!


We want to show you the broad spectrum of available eco-friendly alternatives to make your life easier.


Our content is checked and approved by hand, based on our strict eco-friendly guidelines.