Sustainable Deodorant

6 eco friendly and sustainable Deodorant Alternatives


If you’re searching for the best natural and eco-friendly deodorant or antiperspirant for man or women, check out the list of our users favorites below.

What makes a deodorant natural and environmentally friendly?

A eco-friendly deodorant should be based on natural & organic ingredients, like coconut oil, kaolin clay, bicarbonate soda, shea butter or tea tree oils without any harmfull chemicals and aluminium free (0% Aluminium). But not only the ingredients are important, it’s also important that the packaging is based on sustainable materials (zero waste) like glas, metal, kork or cardboard that are re-usable, compostable, easy to recycle or to refill and plastic free.

Natural deodorants come in the following forms:

  • Crystal deodorant
  • Deodorant cream
  • Deodorant stick or bar
  • Deodorant powder

What are the advantages of eco-friendly and natural deodorants?

  • No harmfull (non-toxic) substances or toxic chemicals, no micro-plastics, NON-GMO ingridients
  • Sustainable and plastic free packaging produces less waste
  • No yellow stains on your tshirt, because they are caused by aluminum combined with sweat
  • Help to reduce underarm razor burn and irritated armpits, because there is less sweat buildup underneath the skin

Do natural deodorants or Antiperspirant actually work?

A common misconception about natural deodorants is that they don’t work in reducing sweat or don’t block bad odors like classic deodorants, but there are many natural and probiotic ingredients like bicarbonate soda, arrowroot powder or tea tree oil that are similar effective, even if unscented.

What is the difference between Deodorant and Antiperspirant?

The difference is actually quite easy to understand: A deodorant is masking bad odors and stops bad smells, an antiperspirant is reducing the amount of sweat created under your armpits.

List of Alternatives

πŸ’š 5
Nuud Deo Creme
πŸ’š 4
My Shay Deodorant Natural & Organic
πŸ’š 3
Island Deodorant Probiotics in Compostable Tube
πŸ’š 1
Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
πŸ’š 1
Meow Meow Deo Cream
πŸ’š 0
Little Seed Farm All Natural Deodorant Cream

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  • ⏳Reusable and durable
  • ♻️Compostable or easy to recycle
  • πŸ”¬No harmful substances
  • 🌱Climate-neutral produced or low carbon footprint
  • 🚰Resource saving production (less water, power, ...)
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