Sustainable Fossile based electric utility

4 eco friendly and sustainable Fossile based electric utility Alternatives

Fossile based electric utility
Fossile based electricity is creating power by burning fossile fuel like coal, oil or gas in a thermal power plant. This is not only bad for our environment and creating a lot of CO2, its' also not very effective in converting fuel into energy. But there are sustainable alternatives like hydro power plants and pumped storage power plants run with water, wind farms, and solar farms. See our list below and switch now to one of the green and renewable energy utilities in the US.

List of Alternatives

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Sacramento Municipal Utility District
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OG+E Wind Power Oklahoma
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Puget Sound Energy Washington state
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Portland General Electric Green Source

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  • Reusable and durable
  • ♻️Compostable or easy to recycle
  • 🔬No harmful substances
  • 🌱Climate-neutral produced or low carbon footprint
  • 🚰Resource saving production (less water, power, ...)
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