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4 eco friendly and sustainable Drinking Straws Alternatives

Drinking Straws

Get rid of bendable plastic straws, coffee stirrers, cocktail straws and big plastic straws that have become the low-cost default by using eco-friendly alternatives. The US uses 500 million plastic straws each day that get thrown away as single-use plastics. Most of these end up in the oceans, where they being mistaken for food by marine life or clot shorelines and slowly break down into microplastics that leak toxins into the sea water and eventually blanket the sea floor. 

Switch to reusable and sustainable alternatives like 

  • stainless steel straws
  • glass straws
  • bamboo straws
  • paper straws or
  • papaya leaf stems.

We have compiled a list of reusable and eco-friendly straws that you can choose from. Switching to these environmentally friendly products will significantly improve the sustainability of your homes and make your home greener. Reducing dependence on plastic packaging, skipping beef and using the sun for things that benefit the environment will help. You can promote more sustainable practices by advocating the reduction, reuse and recycling of brands that prioritize our environment and commit to a sustainable lifestyle.

The following products are environmentally friendly disposable products that have been carefully designed and developed to meet stringent environmental standards. Scroll down to see where you can make simple changes to these environmentally friendly products that can have a big impact on your ecological footprint.

Straws made from natural bamboo grown in sustainable forests are a lightweight and reusable alternative to plastic straws. To continue with straw, there is another way to improve the eco-friendliness of these sustainable eco-friendly straw products. Similar to the bamboo line, this natural, more environmentally friendly hay straw is made from renewable and low-carbon recycled materials. 

Some of these options are more sustainable, others are more durable, but they are more expensive than plastic straws. If none of the environmentally friendly alternatives ultimately convinces you to dispose of your plastic straws because you have to do without plastic, you can choose the biodegradable variants.

In general, everyone should turn their supply of plastic straws into environmentally friendly straws, which is ultimately great for the planet. Maize is a renewable raw material that helps make it more sustainable than oil-based plastics. Conversion into biodegradable drinking straw will keep harmful plastic out of landfills, encourage the use of other biodegradable products and prevent it from polluting the world's oceans.

By using environmentally friendly products, selecting green companies and implementing sustainable living tips, a person can start living their values and living sustainably. It can be tempting to revise the whole process to be more environmentally friendly, especially if you come across unsustainable practices.

As Preston says, one simple and affordable way to get an eco-friendly kitchen redesign going is to swap individual paper products for reusable towels. If you are just starting to use biodegradable plastics and paper products for home and catering, you might want to consider adding biodegradable materials and straws to your purchases. By making it easier to trade in environmentally friendly products, you can drastically reduce your dependence on single-use plastic.

Straws made of aluminum, stainless steel and titanium are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative that can be used to make bambaw straws. Although reusable, they are more environmentally friendly, because many brands sell 100% bamboo products and can be purchased locally. The reusable bamboo straw is biodegradable and more sustainable than disposable plastic. Bamboo straws can be used for either hot or cold drinks and make fantastic alternatives for eco-friendly straws.

List of Alternatives

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Comfy Paper Straws 100% Biodegradable
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ALINK Reusable Clear Glass Drinking Straws Pack of 8
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YIHONG 8 Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straws
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NATURALNEO Reusable Organic Bamboo Straws

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